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Allow me to introduce you to my PhD Thesis Project:

" Reporting between young Growth Companies (Start Ups) and the Venture Capital Companies financing them "

- a Survey in Germany - 

Personal Information   Regarding the Project
  • My University, the WHU Koblenz, Germany
  • Purpose, Scope and Approach of the Survey
  • Links regarding the Subject

Clemens Hadtstein, 2004


Topic Overview:
Key non-monetary services of Venture Capital Companies (VCC) for the ventures financed by them (Portfolio Companies: PC) are Consulting Services and VCCs contributions as board members. Both scientific and practitioners literature attribute different levels of importance to those two forms of contribution: usually consulting services are considered/ perceived to be far more useful.
Building up and operating reporting systems, both at PC Level and between PCC and VCC, can be considered an area of overlap between the two topic areas. 
Professionalising management and turning the back on methods of leadership through personal autority are two key challenges to young companies striving for growth. Both the change in Corporate Culture and Reporting Systems are expected in the process of professionalisation.
Given the above frame my empirical work will cover the following topics:
  • what importance do VCCs attribute to structured Reporting by PCs? How important is the individual specification of content for each PC (Proportion of standard-items vs. individual content)?
  • to what extend do VCC contribute to the conceptual development of these topics through their reporting requirements?
  • how do PCs integrate VCCs reporting requirements into their internal management reporting concept / package?
  • do VCCs make use of individualised information (e.g. reporting items covering milestone planning) at an aggregated level in order to build up risc management functions at portfolio level? 

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Personal Information:
  • Clemens Guido Hadtstein, born April 22nd in Aachen, Germany
  • School Attendance in Düsseldorf, Lohr am Main and Giessen, Germany
    Barnard Castle School, Barnard Castle, County Durham, Great Britain
    Abitur (High School Diploma) 1994 in Giessen, Germany at the August Hermann Francke Schule
  • 1994 - 1998 Studies of Business Administration at WHU, Vallendar near Koblenz, Germany
  Degree: Diplomkaufmann (Master of Business Administration)
  Diploma Thesis: "Technology Assessment in the field of Strategic Planning and Control" at the Chair for Controlling and Telecommunications (Prof. Dr. Juergen Weber)
  Internships: Dresdner Bank AG, Giessen, Germany (3 Months) - Retail Banking
Schott Glas, Paris, France (3 Months) - Specialty Glasses - Marketing -
Adways S.A., Paris, France (Joint Venture between Reuters and Havas S.A., 9 Months) - Advertisement Industry / Online Services - Marketing
BMW A.G., Munich, Germany (3 Months) - Automotive Industry - Logistics
  Studies abroad: Queens University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada - MBA Programme, 1 Semester
Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, Maitrise Programme, 1 Semester
  • Since February 1999 Consultant / Senior Consultant / Manager with BearingPoint GmbH, formerly KPMG Consulting AG, Duesseldorf, Germany.
    Focus on Management Reporting (Content and Systems), Strategic Planning

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I appreciate any comments and feedback you may have - and you're particularily welcome to contact me if you would like to volunteer to participate in the survey.
The exact date for the study is yet to be determined.
You can reach me via  Mail at Clemens@Hadtstein.de or send me a fax at  +49 (211) 4402 502
You are a Student (preferably in your final year) and look for an Internship relating to Venture Capital? 
Contact me regarding an application for an internship with BearingPoint in Duesseldorf, Germany (German language skills required).
Get in touch with me for more details.

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Coming soon:
  • Detailed presentation of the survey and the invitation to participate.
    The study will address partners of Venture Capital Companies operating in Germany via a questionnaire.
  • a more precise outline of the survey, a mored detailed description of the project and current Literature.
  • Internet Links

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